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If you are looking for the best and elegant hairdressing tools to use at your salon, then look no further. Samurai shears provide the best professional scissors and shears that make cutting hair a lot easier and smoother. Our wide range of hair cutting scissors helps you with whatever you want them for. Whether you need them for blending, thinning, or trimming, we have everything. You can use our products for men, women, and children due to the smoothness and durability they offer. We also have a wide range of quality shears as well for you.

We offer a variety of professional shears. If you have recently opened your hair salon in USA and are looking to buy the best and the most smoothly running shears in the USA, then simply visit our site. The reason we have named our brand as Samurai Shears is that all our shears and hairstyling scissors with high-quality Japanese steel, which not only lasts longer and doesn’t rust, but also runs very smoothly. The edges are finely edged with diamond cutters so that the hairs are cut smoothly and the clients don’t feel pinched. The vast variety of our professional scissors, which are used in combination with shears are professional hair layering, thinning, blending, and trimming scissors as well as shears. These high-quality scissors in the USA come in a variety of designs and colors so that you can have different products for children, men and women, in order to give a professional look to your hair salon

There are a number of types of shears that have different purposes in the hairstyling industry. But before going into the detail of different types, we first need to understand the basic difference between a scissor and a shear. The hairdressing scissors have 2 blades. Both are sharp enough to cut hairs. But shears typically used to have one blade and on the other side, it had teeth. Now there are also professional shears for sale that have both sides as teeth. The common types are as under

This particular type of shear has between 10 and 18 teeth. The main purpose is to cut chunks of hairs that are needed in certain types of hairstyles. The chunks are then smoothened out with traditional hair cutting scissors, which gives them a neat and unique look. So if you want to order chunking professional shears online, you can simply visit Samurai shears and select the one. You can choose from a number of different styles and colors.

Among the various professional scissors online at Samurai Shears, our most famous and top selling type is blending or texturizing shears. These have normally between 23 and 26 teeth. The main purpose of this type of shear is to give a messy yet blended and feathered look to the edges of the hair. These are normally used on hair that are very straight or tough hairs. They remove about 30% to 60% hairs, giving a cool look to your hair.

The unique double-blade shear has about 30 teeth on both sides. Although it works mostly like a scissor, it gives a very unique and the most finished look to your hair. It does not cut a lot of hair, it is normally used in the end to give the finishing touches to your hair by removing the standing or uneven hair.

The hairstyling scissors and shears come in a variety of sizes. Some are only 2” while the others are 4” to 6” as well. The difference in size is mainly for women, men, and children. For women hairstyling, you will need long hair scissors and shears to get straight lines. In men and children, long scissors are not needed due to the length of hair being comparatively low.

Therefore, if you need any of the shears or hair styling scissors mentioned above, that offer high quality and durability, visit Samurai shears without a doubt in your head. All our products are made with high quality Japanese stainless steel for protection against rust. Apart from that, we also offer free shipping of scissors and accept credit cards, debit cards, PayPal for your convenience.

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